Friday, November 28, 2014

Unplanned Black Friday

Stay with me here, a Black Friday tale…

So yesterday was Thanksgiving… it was the smallest and simplest ever and for the first time in my life my turkey was perfect golden brown and the entire meal all came together at the exact time! AWESOME!!!!! How often does that actually happen.

My oldest had to be at work at 7:45 PM for work. She is earning money for school. It being Black Friday (a day early) I was not sure how the parking would be for her, so I drove her. I did not want her parking in another lot in the shopping areas and walking in the dark by herself to and from her car, you never know!!  If it was nice I would leave the car and she would drive it home and if not I would go back at 4:30AM to get her. This was not by first option as many you can understand!! But I would do it happily and with a smile if I had to, one of those parenting things. Her regular hours are 11PM – 6Am – aw the joys of being 21 again.

We got to the store (one of the local Targets) and the parking lot was not even half full!! Amazing! So we parked and I ran into the store to look around and grab a few items if they were left. Why not right, I was  already there, might as well make the trip worth it. They were over prepared and over staffed, it was great! I have waited in hour long lines and watched fights break out, so this was wonderful.
I know shopping on Black Friday is bad and this was Thursday – hear me out. Yes I think the 6 PM was early and I believe in family time as well. However by midnight, when they once started, I had cooked several meals already, cleaned several times, dealt with family and guests and the past few years my girls and I have gone and spent the time together, while my husband and son slept. Bailey loves these events and the crowds – yes I think she is nuts too.
After shopping, I called the boys at home to come save me, ditching my purchases in my daughters trunk so my 9 year old did not see them.

After getting home I ran to one other store, also way under populated for the Black Fridays I am use to and have been to in the past. GREAT!! NO lines, no people, no fights.
My daughter came home at 4:30 and informed me they still had TVs left and the last XBOX had just sold… WOW! Those are usually gone in the first ½ hour or so. I guess this did go to show the retailers it was too early, but did make it a nice experience for the rest of us. I would not have gone that early and was not going to go out at all if I did not have to drive my daughter.

So happy shopping everyone … I am almost done now! I know I suck. Wondering if the archery store will have a sale event going on for the holidays.