Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ode to garbage cans everywhere

Oh garbage cans ~

you giants of garbage  ~  you titans of trash  ~  you royals of recycling

oh how you taunt us...

we both love and hate you ~

your odor is revolting,  your appearance is offensive

yet on garbage day we love you as your treasures are emptied into the depths of the truck, releasing you from your heavy smelly burden we lay upon you each week

you stand soundless, steadfast and ugly through all weather, waiting... You are always there for us, like a faithful friend

It is written you are to be hidden from view at all times, yet some do not follow, leaving you out in all your offensive grandeur, for all to see ~ some who do not follow tattle on others and find offense,

days go past and yet you are still visible, not hidden but glorified in your magnificence

yet why... if any cans can be seen and glorified then why can't they all be? Why must some be shamed and hidden while others openly displayed?

why oh why garbage cans ~  why