Friday, August 24, 2012

today's motto

So - today is a new day, thank the heavens!!  All rejoice and be glad!!     I put the looking glass in the drawer (last nights post reference)

My motto for the day is - many of you will agree and love it while a few may be offended - sorry in advance -but whatever ...

 MOTTO~ ~ ~

No annoying, stupid or mean people welcome today! No exceptions!  Closed to all but friendly smiling faces!!  Come back never!  I will reopen for your desire of unending drama then.  Have a nice day.

Yup - that's the motto for the day!!  Maybe I should make a door hanging that says that... imagine how many I could sell!!

Thank you to all who said a prayer yesterday or a shout out to the universe on my behalf or those who still do ... to those who are the cause of negativity and bringers of hate - karma baby - karma 

just adding - it worked !!  no stupid, mean or drama seekers bothered me all day!!  Had a pretty good day and evening!  Motto worked ...  good to know~!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

this is Steve ...

so this is Steve ... my pool buddy in Hawaii - he was so cute. Every time I went to the pool there he was ...
My daughter said I did not name him well - Steve is not original - but it was Steve non the less...

I guess they eat bugs... YAY!! and spiders... even more YAY!!  I miss Steve he was cute ...

I learned, as I watched in horror with my mouth hanging open I am sure, a new game in Hawaii... you can play it anywhere I guess... it is not a good or nice game... so maybe don't read this out loud to any young ears... I bring this up as Steven and his kind are the main characters.

You take an empty water bottle... yep already not starting out well... place in one frightened gecko, place cap back on - with no air holes... and kick the living %&$# out of the bottle... poor things!! Oh and mom's you just stand there, glance at what is happening and look away as you ignore it all... (insert sad face here!!)

I am glad Steve is safe back at the hotel by the pool and away form water bottles!!!