Friday, August 24, 2012

today's motto

So - today is a new day, thank the heavens!!  All rejoice and be glad!!     I put the looking glass in the drawer (last nights post reference)

My motto for the day is - many of you will agree and love it while a few may be offended - sorry in advance -but whatever ...

 MOTTO~ ~ ~

No annoying, stupid or mean people welcome today! No exceptions!  Closed to all but friendly smiling faces!!  Come back never!  I will reopen for your desire of unending drama then.  Have a nice day.

Yup - that's the motto for the day!!  Maybe I should make a door hanging that says that... imagine how many I could sell!!

Thank you to all who said a prayer yesterday or a shout out to the universe on my behalf or those who still do ... to those who are the cause of negativity and bringers of hate - karma baby - karma 

just adding - it worked !!  no stupid, mean or drama seekers bothered me all day!!  Had a pretty good day and evening!  Motto worked ...  good to know~!

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