Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A long time

WOW!  almost 6 months since I have last been on here... (sorry)  I know I have readers even though I do not have followers ... no problem, it's all good.  

I write less due to the cyber stalker craziness... it seems better but who knows. It is all just creepy!! Knowing that it is happening is bad enough but to know it is for malicious, vindictive reasons makes it worse...

Ok enough of that...  A lot has happened ... the holidays, school(s), life, weather, short power outages...not good for writing. Basically the normal things in life. Kids, family ... need I really say more there! Like that alone isn't enough!!

So ~   The Dragon of Bedallah: The Tallah Trilogy  ~ Book Two is almost done!  Very excited!! Working on the final editing, cover is done... liked my original attempt better but the end product is close and I like it ok. Got a deadline coning up in a  few days so busy -  busy. Won a free hardcover copy (basically souvenir copy) of the book so that is nice! Won some software and got a slamming deal on more!!  around 80% off!!!    - haven't overly tried the new stuff out yet as I was already almost done with the book using my old stuff... not crazy enough to switch over in the middle ~~  then I have to write and figure out the new system... no thank you one thing at a time is enough for me.

Here is a quick glance at the cover... created by me...


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