Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy 2013

Happy New Year - 2012 has begun - the Apocalypse has passed us by and we can all continue... whew!

The holidays have come and gone... the mess is almost completely cleaned up and the memories made are all that are left.  They were good this year - my daughter was home from college (froze the entire time as it was too cold here compared to the 80s of Hawaii), laughter, joy and craziness filled the house... and the Nerf wars that followed since Santa was so generous this year on Nerf guns...  My son and his friend took care of our Zombie infestation one evening (sleep over so it lasted all night) so we are good on that front now as well!! :) and we can sleep soundly knowing the Zombies will not get us...

School has restarted and the kids are all back in class - where they belong! Reclaiming the house has been never ending but at least I am use to it.  The wood floors were cleaned yesterday and they actually sighed with relief and said thank you! They, along with everything else, had been neglected...as I had the plague after Christmas for over a week - UGH!! What ever it was was awful and so not fun!!  How can something you cannot even see - a nasty virus -  literally knock you on your ass so hard!!?

So now it is back to the norm ... cleaning, cleaning, laundry for something different... and writing when I can find the inspiration and time.

I am transcending my older daughter's room into a slightly more "adult" guest space - so sorry Twilight poster - down you must come. Not too bad and there will still be some of her stuff there, just less. My son wants his room painted too so that project has been rattling through my head for awhile now.

Not sure about any resolutions - I never really make any so that way I do not have any yo not follow or break ...

So HAPPY 2013  -  get out there and make your mark on the world and let us all know you are here!!  Let us hear your voice and see through your eyes ...

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