Monday, July 8, 2013

Loyalty, Friendship, Betrayal

 Loyalty.  Friendship.   Betrayal…

Hmm.  Words.  Important words in life. They help define us. Help us see and understand the world around us. How we use these determines how we are treated by others. We choose wisely or we do not, either way we are changed with each interaction of these words.

So is friendship grown or earned? Is loyalty given or won over time?  What happens when the idea of friendship and loyalty are betrayed and forsaken? When past transgressions against a person called “friend” are forgotten or not addressed to make a decision easy and convenient?

Is friendship lost or just put aside until there is a more convenient time and ideal situation? Is loyalty gone or also pushed aside until the next time it is needed? Is it still expected from you as an absolute? What are your new obligations? Do you hold fast and remain a trustworthy ally no matter what, or do you step aside and allow others to move about without you? Do you return the lack of devotion when it is required of you?

Where does your inward and personal meaning of the words take you and how do you react to the betrayal and lack of support from others?

Feelings of hurt, betrayal, no matter how small a cause will grow and fester for awhile. How do you deal with it?

There are many ways to cope with this occurrence as there are grains of sand on a beach, but which way do you pick? What do you do when it happens to you?

It is a question we each struggle with often in your lives. Friends come and go, loyalties change as they are tested over time, betrayal appears without regret, concern or a second thought. Sometimes remaining loyal to one means being disloyal to another, so to whom  you remain  most faithful and steadfast to will say a lot about you and your ideals, your inner self, the friendships effected. It will define you as a friend and a person ~ good or bad, loyal or unfaithful.

We choose one or the other. There really is no right or wrong. Hopefully chosen is the better of the two and as life moves forward it’s revealed as the right choice to all. Perhaps by picking one over another, a friend is moving on, out of our lives and this is a way the universe is revealing the beginning of this transition to us.

Smile and move on, remain a friend as best as possible until the future is completely shown to you, then you will know you did the right thing. You stood for what was right and were an ally of faithfulness and friendship.

Pulling back from those that let you down and offered to you unreliability is not a bad thing. Move away and find those in the world who will stand by you and support you, even in the little things in life that seem small and insignificant, because at times those are really what matters most.

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