Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The ask vs. tell ... what??

My son is 8 and often he will say to me, “Mom can I tell you something?”

Me:  “Of course. What?”

Son: “Can I …?”

Me: “That is a questions not a tell, Honey.” Then answer his questions. Or vise versa…

No wonder he gets confused now and then with tell/statement and ask/questions when adults still do.  Sad is the English language these days. Who and whom still be fudge the majority of the population, prepositions and their usage in language are unknown to many as well as just plain old every day run of the mill regular grammar.  Yes I do excuse, only because I am one too, the phone texts or email replies with no capitals and strange word usage, we have all been there… typing with your thumb can be a challenge for us all.

No I am talking the bigger stuff. I really hate and am shocked to see the amount of AP and Reuter news reports on my phone with misspelled words, grammar that would make a pre schoolar blush and word usage that cancel each other out… double negatives, we is, I are going  and on and on… I cannot believe many of the reporters are still employed as it makes not only themselves look stupid but the company employing them and allowing their name to be posted on the article.  Or non phone replies confusing the ask/tell quandary, I is and all that. Typos are one thing but seriously if it is not going to a friend or loved one, proof read and spell check. And for Heaven’s sake know a tell apart from an ask. It is all in how it is written.

Heaven help our children and our country’s future!  Hopefully somewhere along the way there is a reform that will help our youth figure it out better since so many adults seem to have no clue.

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